An asymmetric multiplayer game made in Unity


Prometheus was created by myself and two teammates for the master's course "Open Games Workshop" at LMU Munich.

In the game, one player controls Prometheus, who is trying to take the gift of fire down the Olympos from the gods to the humans. The other player is trying their best to stop that from happening by using the powers of different gods to either kill Prometheus directly or destroy the environment around him. Prometheus isn't wholly defenseless however since the power of the fire gives him the ability to air-dash to avoid the attacks thrown at him by the gods.

Even though, the time limit didn't allow for more than one level to be designed, this makes for a fun and engaging interplay between the two players. The project was developed in Unity, and all graphics, effects, and 3D Models were custom-built.

The project was awarded with a perfect grade by the course organizers.

A fun trailer we put together after the project's completion