Intuedo Vocab

A friendly language learning app

Intuedo is a friendly online German course for Italian and English-speaking people from around the world.

The Vocab app, which I designed and developed over a few months as a working student, is a mobile companion that helps users study their vocabulary on the go. Users can pick their own schedule to study at their preferred pace and progress their words through different levels of knowledge. The app makes sure to present repetitions in an optimal way to foster long-term memory.


The Intuedo platform uses a wide array of technologies in its stack.

  • WordPress for account, member, and progress management
  • Firebase cloud functions for interacting with the WordPress backend
  • OAuth to authenticate users in the app
  • Google WaveNet API for generating pronunciation audio
  • Firebase Cloud Storage for storing and providing these audio files
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore for storing app user data and course vocabulary
  • Angular for the admin frontend, where the teachers can manage course vocabulary
  • Flutter for the Vocab App