Innovative Software for Physical Therapy


The two apps "fyzo Coach" and "fyzo Assistant" offer a refreshing new take on software for Physical Therapists and their patients.

As Co-Founder, Design and UX Lead at fyzo, I was responsible for the entire visual design of the software and marketing materials, as well as the planning and execution of user interviews. Furthermore, I also contributed over 50% of the codebase as full-stack developer to the technical implementation of the applications until my exit in May 2023, and played a significant role in the agile project management.

The software included a variety of technologies in it's tech stack, all of which I was deeply involved in. This includes:

  • Flutter
  • Firebase Auth, Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore, Storage
  • Matomo Analytics
  • Stripe Connect
  • GitHub Actions
  • Fastlane
  • Ghost (website)

At the time of my exit, the fyzo Apps were used by physical therapy practices in multiple countries every day.

If you want to learn more about the company and the products, head to www.fyzo.de (German).